Are you getting the most from Hybrid Working?

How are innovative companies responding to the 85% of employees who want the option of hybrid working? Download our guide to find out how leadership is taking this opportunity to accelerate their strategic plans and re-define roles to ensure success.

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How are companies reacting to hybrid working?


What are the benefits to delivering a hybrid environment?


What do I need to know before I get started?

"Technology firms including Twitter, Dropbox, Shopify and Reddit have all declared that their employees can now choose to work from home permanently."

"Not only was it better for productivity, more equitable for working parents and a boost to employee health, but it increased entrepreneurship and innovation too."

"The success of hybrid working seems to pivot on creating roles to fit individuals, based on their aptitude and potential."

The office model that exists in most companies today was established after WWII to provide a framework for productivity through strict hierarchies, designated jobs and rigid working hours.

One size fits all, or so it seemed until the onslaught of Covid-19. The pandemic proved to be the perfect catalyst for change, causing millions to not only challenge the traditional office model, but also reassess their jobs and the whole notion of what it means to work.

A perfect storm is now brewing for employers, as they balance competing forces of people, planet and profits. Adapt to survive has never seemed more relevant.



The ability to work anywhere at any time is perhaps the biggest driver of hybrid working. Why be tied to cubes and meeting rooms when you don’t have to leave your kitchen table? Small and midsized businesses have used the crisis to change their work models and innovate, with many testing e-commerce for the first time or collaborating with aggregators like Deliveroo and Trouva...

What started as a response to a crisis has now paved the way for employees to work remotely without judgement or fear of missing out. Just in time for the dawning of the metaverse..."


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